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Dear readers,

Today is legendary. Today we celebrate our 100th Randomnessessity!

When 2013 started, I had no idea I’d become such an avid blogger. It all started when I saw the movie ‘Les Misérables’: over three hours of plot holes and Russell Crowe singing. I just knew something had to be done.

After seeing the film, I jokingly wrote a letter to Cosette, one of the movie’s protagonists. I emailed it to a friend and figured that would be the end of it. However this friend posted it on Facebook and it subsequently went viral: over five people liked it.
That’s six people!

It was then I knew I had a gift. I realized the concept of writing letters to fictional people was probably the greatest literary invention of the 21st century.

Enter WordPress.

Knowing my words would change the world as we know it, I opened up a WordPress account. It asked me to come up with a domain name. I chose poorly.

The word ‘randomnessessities’ came up as a joke in an email exchange with aforementioned friend. Not knowing what my blog would be about exactly, I figured Randomnessessities.com would cover most of my outings. I failed to realize it’s hard to remember and difficult to spell. Then again, www.google.com was already taken.

After posting some of the stuff I had already written, I was forced to come up with new material. It was July 2013, I had a blog and zero followers and about four views a day on a good day. And half of those views were me, checking my blog while I was at work.

Writing letters to fictional people is great fun. Yet I quickly realized it’s a restrictive format. Luckily, I got acquainted with a beaver capable of expressing thoughts. Lester Beaver joined me in August to have my letters intersperse with his outings on humanity. More recently, Lester was joined by Basil, the Roswell Alien.

This blog is kind of weird if nothing else.

With each and every post, I gained a few followers. Also, getting Freshly Pressed doesn’t hurt, regardless of what oranges say.
It is my dream to conquer the world with my blog. At 400+ followers, that means two things:

-I need to reach another six billion people
-I need to teach nearly one billion people how to read

It’s safe to say Russell Crowe’s singing will have a lasting effect on my life.

I started writing one maybe two blogs a week. Currently ‘we’ post about two a day. Indeed, I have no social life.

Conquering the world with words is a daunting task, but in the meantime I am thoroughly enjoying the ride. WordPress is awesome. It’s like Facebook for people that like to think!
I never realized the blogging community could have such a positive effect on my life. So whoever reads this, I thank you with all my fingers! That sounds yuk, but I am typing this, aren’t I?

WordPress is a great platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas. Over the last few months, I’ve come across some brilliant blogs. Here are some of the things I learned from my fellow bloggers:

-The pope has converted to Islam so he could marry a 12 year old girl
-Before she lost her head, Anne Boleyn already had an icky feeling about her husband
-Famous author Ned Hickson isn’t just a funny guy with a beard. He also wrote a book. Don’t believe it? Buy it here!
-It really sucks having a front row seat at an event when Caligula is emporer.
-When you write a book and forget writing an entire chapter, that’s actually just a sign of brilliance
To swim or not to swim, that’s the question. Mind you, this story takes place in a washroom.
-When confronted with a crisis, don’t call the cops. Use a woman’s brain instead.
-When you reach a certain age, the ‘F-word‘ changes its meaning.
-Clark Kent has been sued for indecent exposure
-Joan of Arc got burned alive because of an unfortunate misunderstanding
-There is this thing called The National Christmas Tree Association, even though the majority of states only sell Holiday Trees.
-After shooting Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth fled to China.
Is Spiderman gay?
-Anyone who wants to know Fifty shades of grey without having to read the damn thing, should check out this little corner of the web.

All thanks to WordPress!

These last five months have been an incredible journey. I feel honored to be part of the WordPress community. With every comment and like I get I feel a bit humbler. I’ve come to admire WordPress as a place where people from all over the world can share their thoughts and ideas, a place where people can make themselves heard, a place that transcends borders and cultures, bringing together the best of what humanity has to offer.
I for one intend to make it to a thousand posts ASAP. I thank every follower and wish everybody great joy in writing.

Go in peace,

A. van Nerel

Death to Blogspot!